Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutierrez, Honorary President – XVI Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Rob Herb, President – Terminal Shipping Company, Division of John S. Connor, Inc.

Michael CuretonFirst Vice President – Norton Lilly International

Kevin Castagnola, Treasurer – KRIS 3 Solutions, LLC

Richard Sperry, Secretary – History 500, LLC

Capt. Greg Adams – USCG (Retired)

Capt. David Cuff – Pilot’s Association for the Bay and River Delaware

Roy Denmark – Urban Engineers, Inc.

Stephen Galati – Mattioni Ltd.

Jeffrey Gillespie – Holt Logistics

Lisa Himber – Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay

Capt. Rick Iuliucci – The Vane Brothers Company

James MacFarlane – Atlantic Commercial Materials, Inc.

B.J. Moran – Marine Services/ Hueber Launch

Robert Palaima – Delaware River Stevedores

Corps of Champions

Boise Butler – International Longshoremen’s Association

Dennis Colgan – Cove Investments

Dr. Ray Heinzelmann – Gahagan & Bryant Associates

Eugene Mattioni – Mattioni Ltd.

Captain Uwe Schultz – Retired, formerly ACT/PACE

Mary Ruth Talley – Talley Management Group