The Seamen’s Church Institute of Philadelphia and South Jersey serves seafarers and the maritime community of the Ports of the Delaware River, without bias or prejudice.  We embrace the needs of those who work and sacrifice to enhance our own well-being and quality of life.  

SCI provides practical assistance to seafarers including: ship visits, land transport, international telecommunications, social and recreational programs and counseling, and worship. We offer appropriate, cross-cultural spiritual support in concert with area religious and ethnic communities, within a worldwide network of international seafarer agencies.

SCI’s staff and volunteers also support local land-based marine interests, and serve as ambassadors of goodwill for the region served by the ports of Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Mission Statement

The Seamen’s Church Institute of Philadelphia and South Jersey has a mission to serve proactively without prejudice the human needs of seafarers and the maritime community of the Delaware River.
– We value being trustworthy and therefore a safe place for seafarer and maritime community.
– We value our call as advocates in the port for seafarer and maritime community, working for justice and fairness.
– We value the resources of the faith communities and offer these faithful resources graciously.

Human Services

E.R.Bern enjoying clothing from SCI

 Although we are a small organization that relies on charitable contributions, our reach is both deep and wide. SCI is the only organization that is dedicated to providing services at no charge to seafarers at dock in the Ports of Philadelphia and South Jersey. Be it a phone card or just a smiling face, we are always there to help.  Read More…

Fair Treatment

SCI provides emotional, spiritual and physical support of seafarers of all faiths, an unprotected population without a means to advocate for themselves.  Read More…



Since 1843 SCI’s work with seafarers has been essential to the economic success and security of our port and region. We act as a liaison between the average seafarer and the rest of the port community.  Read More…