Helene Pierson, Executive Director
Helene was named Executive Director
in 2016. Her background includes extensive experience in not-for-profit and corporate management, and she is equally comfortable driving a van as chairing a major event.
Cindy Ryan, Director of Development
and Accounting

Cindy started as an outside contractor in 2001 and joined the staff as SCI Accountant in 2019, She was recently named Development Director in addition to her financial responsibilities,
Rebecca Pierson, Seafarer Services Support
Rebecca manages the logistics of shopping for seafarers, scheduling vaccinations, and other important ways we serve. For example, crew members can’t just dash out to stock up when they’re running out of basics like vitamins or shampoo. She makes it happen.
Nikki Green, Communications Volunteer
Nikki divides her time between Florida and her home on the Philadelphia waterfront. She works for SCI year-round, responsible for updates to our electronic communications and coordination of the Ditty Bag program.


Jasper DelCarlino, Operations Manager
Jasper is a former deckhand for Reinauer Tugs and knows the maritime world very well. He has management and operations experience as a former manager of the El Bar in Philadelphia. Jasper joined us as a part time ship visitor and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2019.

Steve Anderson, Operations Supervisor

Steve has been an SCI ship visitor for fifteen years and has a wide range of experience with the challenges facing seafarers, He says “I love working with seamen. I love seeing their smiles when you do something to help them.”

Ted Dahlburg, Ship Visitor Assistant Manager
Ted is thrilled to be a member of the SCI team and support its mission of serving visiting seafarers, The proud son of a Great Lakes ordinary seaman, Ted is a longtime student and proponent of the Delaware Valley’s vital maritime industry.
Jerome Green, Ship Visitor
Working evenings and weekends, Jerome adeptly juggles all types of seafarer requests as a dedicated SCI Ship Visitor. Jerome has lived much of his life near large bodies of water (i.e., the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and Delaware River) and, as a welder for the US Navy and Ship Visitor for SCI, he enjoys a unique professional connection to the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
Al Griffiths, Volunteer Ship Visitor
Al works in the Fairless Hills area and
volunteers on our behalf at some of the
northern-most terminals, which are a
long drive for our Philadelphia-based staff. Al’s interest in serving seafarers began with Chaplain David Reid, who talked enthusiastically about SCI , and Al calls it an “easy decision” to volunteer.

Denis Lee, Ship Visitor
Denis is a retired USPS letter carrier who spends two days a week working with SCI. He sees his job as a great chance to meet people from other countries and learn about them, and he observes that seafarers do a very tough job under difficult circumstances.
Roy Lucchese, Volunteer Ship Visitor
Roy’s maritime experience includes working for Reinauer Transportation, and he volunteers with SCI when he is off rotation from his tugboat job.
Tony Mazella, Ship Visitor
When Tony first joined SCI he was amazed to discover the large number of ships and port terminals we serve, and he knew right away this was the right role for him. As a people person he loves getting to know seafarers, helping them with transport and shopping, and making them feel welcome..
Mark Miglio, Ship Visitor
Jennifer Roach-Dixon, Ship Visitor
Jen is a pastry chef and cake decorator by trade and loves anything to do with boats and water. She enjoys whitewater rafting and kayaking as well as paddling on a women’s dragon boating team.
Annie Thomas, Volunteer Ship Visitor
Annie grew up helping seafarer missions
in Glasgow, Scotland and has worked with
us for many years.   She is a former surgical nurse and an experienced sailor.
Martin Wade, Ship Visitor
Martin, a Navy Vet, learned about a volunteer opportunity at SCI on line and then found a home here after a multifaceted career. He enjoys making a difference in mariners’ lives and continuing his family’s 200-year history of seafaring.

Captain Nick Warmouth, Volunteer Ship Visitor
Nick’s primary work is that of a Docking Pilot on the Delaware River, bringing ships
to and from their berths. In between ships he volunteers as a visitor to try and welcome the sailors he sees on a regular basis and help make their lives a little bit better in any way he can.