Crochet Instructions

You will need:
Hook Size H/8-5.00MM
Medium (4) Worsted Weight yarn
*I used Red Heart Super Saver (you can use whatever colors you want, but medium to darker colors work best.)

Dc-Double Crochet
Sc-Single Crochet
Hdc-Half Double Crochet
Sl St-Slip Stitch

*Hat is worked in rounds–do not turn (continue crocheting in same direction.)
*Close each row with a Slip Stitch to top of first stitch.
*Size increase for size Large/XLarge hat takes place in Row Seven.
*Chains at beginning of each row count as beginning Dc, Hdc, or Sc.
To Begin: Ch 3. Sl St to first ch to form circle. Ch 3.
Work 15 Dc in circle (16 Dc.)

Row One: Ch 1. Sc in same st . Two Sc in each st (32 sc.)
Sl St to top of 1st st.

Row Two: Ch 2. Hdc in each st. (32 Hdc..)
Sl St to top of 1st Hdc.

Row Three: Ch 1. Sc in same st. Two Sc in each st. (64 Sc.)
Sl St to top of 1st Sc.

Row Four: Ch 2. One Hdc in each st. (64 Hdc.)
Sl St to top of 1st Hdc.

Row Five: Ch 1. One Sc in each stitch (64 Sc.)
Sl St to top of 1st Sc.

REPEAT Rows four and five until hat measures 8 inches from top to bottom, ending with a single crochet.  Tie off/weave-hide yarn ends.







Hook size J/10-6.00mm
Yarn is Med. size 4 from Vanna’s Choice collection and it’s 100% Acrylic.

Finished Size – The finished size of this scarf with this pattern was 49″ long and 4″ wide by the time I was done. Remember, a project can lose length as you crochet.

Gauge – regarding the gauge, I noticed that for this project 10 DC = 4″(10cm).


Ch = chain
YO = yarn over
DC = double crochet

TN = tapestry needle

The Pattern

Start by chaining as long as you need to. Once you have reached the desired length in the starting chain, do a DC on the 4th ch loop from the hook. After the DC is done, skip one ch and do a DC on the next ch.  Follow this pattern till you reach the end. It should look like a ladder.***If you reach the end and there is an odd chain left, do a DC on it***

Then ch 4, turn your project, and do a DC around the Ch, not on the loop of the Ch but around the Ch, so in other words you are YO, going under the Ch, YO again and complete the steps of finishing the DC.

Now, follow suit of a DC on every chain, don’t skip any chains. Once you reach the end (and remember not to leave any chains left) ch 4 and turn project. Repeat entire process until you reach the width of the scarf that you want to reach. Remember, we are working on the width not the length, that was determined at the beginning.

When your desired length is reached, use a TN to weave in the string from the beginning chain and the one left at the end after you make your closing knot.