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When: February 5th, 2016 from 11:30am-2:00pm

Where: The Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing

Honoring: Mr. Boise Butler, President, International Longshoremen’s Association, Local 1291

“Serving the Common Man”

A Little About Our Good Friend and Honoree Boise Butler

By: Mr. Joseph Menta, PRPA

Growing up in the streets of Philadelphia, Boise Butler benefitted from solid family values and avoided the pitfalls and trouble that befell many of his peers.  He graduated from Roman Catholic High School in 1974 and set his sights on the Philadelphia waterfront like so many of his family members and friends before him.

Well before 1974 was over, Boise was a reliable and respected longshoreman, starting out doing basic labor, but soon learning various skills and taking on more responsibilities.  Also during this time he discovered in himself a         penchant for looking out for his fellow workers.  He advised them, looked out for their interests, watched their backs when they were down, and mediated on their behalf when they were in trouble.  It was clear, even in those early days, that he had the makings of an effective labor leader.

And as the years went by, that’s exactly the path that opened up for Boise.  While working hard on the waterfront day in and day out to support his family, Boise began slowly but surely- via appointments and elections- to move into his union’s administrative positions, which gave him the opportunity to advocate for his fellow workers better than ever before.  This new era of Boise’s work life culminated in his election as Local 1291 President in 2005, a position he holds to this day.

Not content to contribute to the Philadelphia maritime industry and its dedicated workforce just through his position as ILA president, Boise has also made himself available to a variety of industry and industry-related boards over the years.  These have included the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, Seamen’s Church Institute, the Independence Seaport Museum, the Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board, and the Israeli Bonds’ Labor Advisory Committee. Boise has also served as Vice president of the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO since 2005.

Boise Butler has collected numerous accolades, awards, and gestures of recognition over the years, the latest being today’s presentation of the Spirit of the Port Award by the Seamen’s Church Institute. SCI is an organization     especially close to Boise’s heart due to its mission- similar to Boise’s own mission within the ILA- of representing those visiting seafarers who all too   often don’t have the power to effectively speak for themselves.

Boise and his family sincerely thank everyone who came here today to help him celebrate this prestigious honor and support the important efforts of the Seamen’s Church Institute.