Cargo ships continue to arrive in our Delaware River ports, bringing much-needed supplies from all over the world.  We are providing our staff and volunteers with the best safety equipment we can acquire, and our new motto is “Safety ** Short Visits ** Social Distancing.”  

This means we continue to reach out to seafarers in a different way. Instead of boarding every ship as soon as possible after arrival, we say “Welcome to Philadelphia,” by delivering a bag of soft pretzels and spicy mustard, along with our contact information and a list of services we are still able to provide.

We drop off WiFi hotspots so seafarers can be in touch with home; we offer transport to necessary destinations; and we serve as personal shoppers for groceries and other supplies.  Very important in this time of stress, our chaplains are available by phone for counseling and prayer.  In addition to worries for their families, seafarers are anxious about their own health, and we have a mechanism for anyone to confidentially report hazardous conditions including an illness that is not receiving proper attention.   

We are grateful to the U.S. Coast Guard, to terminal operators up and down the river, to agents, pilots, docking pilots, and all who are supporting our region’s supply chain, for helping assure that we have access to the seafarers we serve.  They need us now more than ever.

Please consider a donation at this time.  $15 sponsors pretzels for one vessel, and $500 takes care of a whole week (on average we receive 33 ships per week). 

On behalf of the seafarers we serve, we sincerely thank you.
        Captain David K. Cuff, President, Board of Directors
        Helene Pierson, Executive Director