LocalCommunity_240pxProviding for Delaware River port communities

Stewardship and troubleshooting provided by Seamen’s Church Institute help keep maritime commerce – a $17 billion industry – moving smoothly and thriving in the Delaware Valley.

For our community and local economy, Seamen’s Church Institute:

  • Catches small problems before they turn into big problems for business owners.
  • Prevents red tape, morale or labor issues from obstructing what’s best for maritime businesses and 75,000 local jobs*.
  • Promotes policies that lead to a clean environment and local economic growth (175,000 new jobs over the next 15 years†).
  • Provides advocacy, leadership, and a sense of community for riverfront residents.

For the benefit of our community and local economy, SCI strives to be a peaceful harbor in any storm.

Driven by faith, we believe that we all do well by doing good.

* Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay
† Delaware River Maritime Enterprise Council

Photo: Philadelphia skyline as seen from Camden, New Jersey.