Seafarers are a Part of Economic Growth

Two new industries are coming to the New Jersey Riverfront! They will have a definite positive impact on the local economy, and with more activity on the waterfront comes more ships and more seafarers!
The Port of Paulsboro has a new tenant! As of October, NMLK Steel signed a deal with Holt Logistics and the South Jersey Port Corporation. The company will ship steel slabs to the port, where they will be unloaded and then re-loaded for distribution throughout the country. The deal brings 150 new full time jobs to the Paulsboro region. These regular steel shipments will bring many more seafarers to our port. SCI looks forward to supporting this new business by ministering to these seafarers when they start visiting our area in January 2016.
Also in New Jersey, a new factory is coming to Camden that will bring more jobs to the area. Holtec, an energy firm is set to open a factory that would produce nuclear power equipment, that would then be shipped worldwide right from the port of Camden. With this increase in jobs and industrial activity on shore, the area will begin to see more international seafarers, whose job it will be to facilitate the shipping of the products made in this new Camden factory. We are thrilled with all this exciting new industry in New Jersey that will support the maritime industry too!
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